Authentic Sites and Holocaust Remembrance in Hungary

Komarom Cs003

Authentic Sites and Holocaust Remembrance in Hungary online conference Date: 21 June 2021 at 2 p.m. CETLanguage: English/Hungarian simultaneous translation On June 21, 2021, the Holocaust Memorial Center is organizing a one-day online conference Authentic Sites and Holocaust Remembrance in Hungary, in cooperation with the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)...

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Reopening on May 18


We are pleased to announce that the epidemiological situation and the provisions reflecting this will allow the Holocaust Memorial Center to reopen its doors to visitors from Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Our exhibitions will be open again during the usual working hours, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 am and 6 pm: From deprivation of rights to genocide -...

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Where do we go from here?

Fortepan Hámori Gyula

The tragedy of the Holocaust destroyed Jewish families. The survivors had to reconstruct also their family ties. How did the orphaned, half-orphaned children cope with the new circumstances? What difficulties did their old-new families face? The topic of the volume “Children of the Holocaust: The Remembrance of Jewish Orphanages in Hungary” published in 2020, will be...

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Holocaust Day Remembered

Grosz S

As the present regulations in Hungary allow gathering of maximum ten people, the traditional commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest had to combine online and offline content. The event was streamed on the Facebook page and YouTube channel of the institution, with the online content available also on the...

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Holocaust Memorial Center closed

Brp5916 900

In accordance with the measures aimed suppressing the COVID-19 pandemic, the permanent and temporary exhibitions of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest are closed to the visitors for an indefinite period from Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The team of the Memorial Center is looking forward to welcoming visitors a soon as the circumstances allow it. Please,...

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International Conference on Holocaust Research


The Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest will organize a conference titled “Holocaust Memory: Recent Challenges in Research and Representation” on November 10 and 11,2020. The primary aim of the conference is to give an overview of the status of Holocaust research in some of the countries in the former Eastern and Western block during the past three decades since the end...

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Authentic Sites and Holocaust Remembrance - International Conference

Cipők Keret F

What are the authentic locations of the Holocaust in Hungary? How do we preserve them and how do they contribute to remembrance? How do we commemorate where locations have remained unmarked? These and similar exciting questions will be answered by Hungarian and foreign experts at an international conference organized by the Holocaust Memorial Center on 31 August and 1...

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Permanent Exhibition Reopened

Brp5927 800

As of 14 July 2020, the permanent exhibition of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest, titled From Deprivation of Rights to Genocide is reopened for visitors. In order to provide safe circumstances for our visitors, the following measures are taken: 1. The maximum number of visitors in the area of the exhibition is 25 persons any...

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International Holocaust Memorial Day

Dsc 0259

The cordially invites you to the commemoration of the on Monday, January 27, 2020, at 2 pm. 14:00 Lighting the candles of remembrance by students of Budapest schools; 14:00 Salutatory by Dr. Tamás Kovács, director of the Holocaust Memorial Center; 14:20 Message of the Secretary General of the United...

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Visit the Holocaust Memorial Center, where a special and unique architectural style and atmosphere will see you.

Permanent Exhibition

From Deprivation of Rights to Genocide

To the Memory of the Victims of the Hungarian Holocaust The theme of the permanent exhibition is the Holocaust in Hungary. Its aim is to present and describe the persecution, suffering and murdering of Hungarian citizens, Jews and Roma, doomed to be exterminated on the basis of a racist ideology. The leading idea of the exhibition is to shed light on the relation between...

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Place of the Exhibition

The exhibition takes place in the underground of the memorial center

Organizer of the Exhibition

Hungarian National Museum

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Did You Know?

How many names are engraved to the Wall of Victims?

How can be names included to the list of identified victims?

Identification of more than half a million of victims of the Hungarian Holocaust requires persistent research efforts. At this moment, names of some 175,000 victims are engraved to the Wall.

Work on further identification of the names continues. It will be impossible to identify each and every victim, thus anonym, symbolic nametags are also placed on the Wall.

Visitors of the Memorial Center and visitors of the Center’s website can search the digital database of the victims. By filling in the Personal Data Form of the victims and returning it to our Institution, relatives or persons that have information about the victim, can initiate engraving the name to the Wall.

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