Memorial Wall of Victims

Survivors and family members can evoke memories on their tormented, deported and murdered loved ones worthily and with piety at the Memorial Wall, where the engraved names of the victims serve as an eternal memento of the barbaric persecution. Designed by graphic artist László Zsótér, the eight meters high glass wall can accommodate half a million names engraved by laser. Among the verified names, empty nametags represent the multitude of anonym victims of the Holocaust in Hungary.

Visitors of the Memorial Center and visitors of the Center’s website can search the digital database of the victims. As the efforts of collecting the names started after decades of delay, it is a difficult task to identify the names of all the murdered. By filling in the Personal Data Form of the victims, you can support gathering of the relevant data.

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2023.01.27. – Holokauszt Nemzetközi Emléknap