Tower of Lost Communities

The glass hall standing in the courtyard of the Holocaust Memorial Center bears the name of “Tower of Lost Communities” on April 16, 2007. Its twelve special glass panes were designed by graphic artist László Zsótér. The toponyms of the lost communities were collected and researched by Imre Rákos. Through the Tower, the visitors may reach the rooms of the permanent exhibition.

On the walls of the Tower, names of those 1441 settlements are listed, where the Jewish communities have ceased to exist as a consequence of the deportations in 1944. While the Memorial Wall commemorates individual victims, the names of communities engraved to the glass walls of the Tower remind us of the senseless and ruthless annihilation of entire communities.

“The glass hall of the entrance leading to the permanent exhibition is also supported by tilted pillars. The inspiration from the nature came from Tuscany, where a line of pine trees took the same tilted form under the pressure of the permanent sea storms. I see the murdered victims as a symbol of thousand years of constant struggle for survival, endurance, and wished to generate the same image to the visitors. Of the Jewry, emphasized by the genius loci, but also beyond, of all the innocent, dragged off people.’

Architect István Mányi


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