Press Releases

29 Aug

“Our Unburied Dead” – Commemoration at the 72nd Anniversary of the Kamieniec Podolski Massacre

The Kamieniec Podolski massacre was commemorated at the Holocaust Memorial Center on August 28, 2013. The opening address of Prof. Dr. Szabolcs Szita, managing director of the Center, was followed by a presentation by Dr. Adam Gellert, LL.M., expert of international law, titled “The 1941 Deportations and the Truth of Zoltan Szirtes”. In the lecture,

01 Aug

Society of Just People Board formed

To uphold the memory of people who took part in rescuing Jewish lives during the Shoah, the Holocaust Memorial Center has formed the Society of Just People. At its first session, the Board has elected as its chair Dr. Péter Deme, cultural mediator. Members of the Board are: Professor Géza Buzinkay, Pál Golopencza, son of

30 Apr

For Fairness on the Stands

The Holocaust Memorial Center expresses outrage after the physical assault on Ferenc Orosz, chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation at the FTC – Videoton football match last weekend. The institution strongly condemns all forms of racism, and especially anti-Semmitism, which led to murdering more than half million Hungarian citizens during the Second World War. In

04 Dec

Cruelty and humanity in the months of massacre

On December 1, 2012, the fifth Memorial Day of forced laborers coerced to erecte fortifications in the Austrian – Hungarian border area during the winter of 1944 – 45 was observed in Balf. The National Literary and Historical Memorial Site in Balf upholds the memory of victims of the forced labor camps in the region

06 Aug

Activities of László Csatáry and the ghetto in Kassa/Košice in contemporary documents

Summary of the press conference materials “Activities of László Csatáry and the ghetto in Kassa/Košice in contemporary documents” that took place on July 25 2012, a map and document signed by Csatáry. Source of the map of Kassa/Košice   Source of the document signed by László Csatáry: Source: Hungarian Royal Police Department, Kassa,

25 Jun

TripAdvisor Recognition

TripAdvisor, is one of the largest independent homepage publishing the opinion and evaluations of travelers in the world. The website, with monthly fifty millions of visitors, has announced recently an excellent appraisal for the Holocaust Memorial Center. By the result of 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, the Center took the 14th position