The Holocaust Memorial Center is a museum and an exhibition hall at the same time, offering daily to its visitors an attractive permanent, and frequently changing periodic exhibitions. The equipment and the space in the modern building are shaped to allow displaying classical retrospectives, as well as innovative, interactive exhibitions. The permanent presentation is placed in the basement of the Memorial Center, while the periodic exhibitions use the space of the refurbished synagogue, particularly its gallery, and the inner court of the Center. The accuracy and authenticity of the exhibitions is monitored by outstanding Hungarian and foreign historians, artists and experts.

We are proud that our Permanent Exhibition is one of the most interactive and most modern presentations currently on display in Hungarian museums. It introduces the history of the Jewish and Roma Holocaust through multimedia on touch-screens, by displaying original documents and objects, leading the visitors through specifically structured real personal and family histories. Beyond commemorating the victims, the emphasis of the exhibition is on education and assisting new generations to deal with the horrors of the past, thus contributing to forming a foundation for learning tolerance and overcoming contemporary challenges.  

The Holocaust Memorial Center regularly hosts periodic exhibitions covering topics linked to the Holocaust and the Roma Holocaust. Photos, pieces of art, episodes from the Holocaust and documents from that period reflecting specific topics are displayed. Occasionally, exhibitions dealing with the social background of contemporary exclusion are also on display.

The current periodic exhibition is presented here.

The traveling exhibitions are displayed not only within the Memorial Center, but due to their light construction and mobility, in partner institutions all over the country.