The Holocaust Public Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit organization. The state funding merely covers the operational costs and the costs of basic tasks. We need your support in order to realize the goals of the Foundation.

Where will your support go?

Scientific research

  • The research of the history of the Hungarian Holocaust  

  • Recording the names of Hungarian Holocaust victims and the compeltion of the list

  • The research of individuals and organizations who rescued Jews during WWII and proposing their awarding

  • The creation of the region’s largest Holocaust-related book, audio and film collection with a publicly accessible, electronic catalogue system

  • The systematization of Holocaust-related documents and objects, and their digitalization according to the newest international regulations

  • Publications

  • Cooperations with Hungarian and foreign organizations and institutions

  • The organization of international conferences


  • The development of the educational activities, and the creation of new educational packages for highschool students

  • Tolerance educational programs

  • The development of museum pedagogical methods and the organization of student groups’ visits

Cultural activities

  • The organization of temporary exhibitions

  • The collection and presentation of Holocaust-era literary, musical and art pieces

  • The organization of cultural events

Further information:

Dr. János Botos deputy director

Tel: +36 1 455-3320