21 Jul

The Holocaust Memorial Centre and the Roma Holocaust Memorial Committee
(members: Roma Production Office Foundation, Amenca, Bridge of Hope Association, Epistémé – Research Community Building and Cultural Association, Association for the Roma of the Drava, Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association, Khetanipe Association for Roma Unity, “Vazdune Cherhaja” Association of Roma Women of Rising Stars)
and the Gandhi High School Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd,
cordially invite you and your family
to the commemoration of the Roma victims of Pharrajimos

Date and time:
2nd August 2023 at 5 p.m.

Holocaust Memorial Centre
(Budapest, IX. district Páva utca 39.)

Speeches will be delivered by:
András Zima, Director of the Holocaust Memorial Centre
Attila Sztojka, Government Commissioner for Roma Relations

Performances will be presented by:
Albert Oláh Gypsy Band
Artist group of the Zsigmond Móricz Primary School of Prügy

Candle lighting

If you wish to attend, please register at bit.ly/romaholokausztemléknap by 31 July 2023

The programme is supported by the Government Commissioner for Roma Relations.


Név Méret
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