10 Nov

The First Witness to Testify on the Horrors of Holocaust

Jan Karski (1914-2000) – courier of the Polish underground state during World War II who twice infiltrated the Warsaw Ghetto and a concentration camp in German Nazi-occupied Poland. His eyewitness account jointly with a call for urgent intervention, unfortunately unheard, he delivered to W. Churchill and F. D. Roosevelt in 1942. Citizen of Poland, the

23 Sep

Holocaust Memorial Unveiled at the Cathedral in Szeged

The diocese of Szeged-Csanád commemorated the victims from that region claimed by the tragic events that took place 70 years ago by unveiling a memorial in the park surrounding the Cathedral of Szeged. Throughout the realization of this project, the diocese maintained a close and fruitful dialogue with the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest and

03 Nov

Retired Chief Rabbi Congratulated

At a ceremony on October 14 2012, organized for the 90th anniversary of József Schweitzer, political leaders and prominent public figures acknowledged the achievements of the retired Chief Rabbi of Hungary. Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources opened the celebration, emphasizing that the Chief Rabbi can simultaneously represent the Hungarian ad Jewish values. Greetings of

03 Nov

György Solti Centenary Year

The Hungarian State Opera will commemorate the centenary of birth of the legendary Hungarian conductor, by a public panel discussion, film screening and by performing the Marriage of Figaro on October 26, 2012.  This has been the only opera that Solti has conducted – and only at one occasion – at the Hungarian State Opera.

21 Jun

Exclamation mark won the “When was it? Where was it?” secondary school contest

The team consisting of students from grammar schools Fazekas and Bornemisza in Budapest won the “When was it? Where was it?” secondary school contest, which was one of the key events of the Wallenberg year. Ten teams, out of the 116 contesting ones, have entered to the final round. A group of students from the