For Fairness on the Stands

The Holocaust Memorial Center expresses outrage after the physical assault on Ferenc Orosz, chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation at the FTC – Videoton football match last weekend.

The institution strongly condemns all forms of racism, and especially anti-Semmitism, which led to murdering more than half million Hungarian citizens during the Second World War. In the name of the innocent victims and for the sake of future of the present generations we call upon the suppression of intolerable behavior, first of all, hate speech and vandalism at sport events.


The Memorial Center welcomes and supports the campaign against racism of the Ferencvárosi Torna Club (FTC) and offers expertise for preventing displays of anti-Semitic attitudes by fans.


The Center appeals on the leadership of FTC and other clubs to elaborate jointly a program for preventing inducement of hatred at sport fields.