‘Holocaust by Bullets’ seminar

10 Mar

Following our fifth very successful seminar in general, and the first one at Level II in 2021, the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center together with the Yahad-In Unum research organization from France is organizing its 6th ‘Holocaust by Bullets’ seminar for  teachers at LEVEL I in Budapest from 22 to 24 September 2022.
Yahad-In Unum (“Together in One” in Hebrew and Latin) is a Paris-based non-profit organization established in 2004 by Father Patrick Desbois and dedicated to systematically identifying and documenting sites of mass executions committed against the Jews and Roma in Eastern Europe. Through its research work, based on a unique methodology, the association has collected more than 7000 testimonies of eyewitnesses and survivors of mass shootings. To this day, Yahad has conducted 196 research trips in 9 eastern European countries and has identified 3,100 extermination sites. YIU makes its unique collection of testimonies available for the educational world. (www.yahadinunum.org)

Yahad-In Unum Pilot Seminar “Learn Teach Apply” in partnership with Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center was held in Budapest in December 2017, with 26 teachers from Croatia, Hungary and Romania participating in the two-day programme at the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center. The seminar was a great success both from the point of view of the participants and the organizers.
This year we are planning a 3-day seminar starting with a special event: the book launch of the Hungarian translation of Father Patrick Desbois’s book, Holocaust by Bullets on 22nd September. The seminar “Learn Teach Apply” will take place on 23-24 September adding extra presentations on specific topics related to the killings by bullets of Hungarian Jews. Besides the lectures given by Yahad-In Unum, the presence of a Hungarian and an Austrian expert on massacres/mass shootings committed in the Western part of the country in 1945 will enrich the sharing of knowledge and exchange concerning research. 25 participants/teachers are expected from Hungary and other European countries.
Date: 22-24th September 2022.
Venue: Holocaust Memorial Centre, 1094 Budapest, Páva utca 39.
Language of the seminar: English
To apply, please send us the attached application form and a cover letter with details of your interest in studying the Holocaust.
Deadline for Application: 15th June 2022


Név Méret
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