The Holocaust Memorial Center is a venue established in honor of the victims of Shoah, where homage can be paid to the memory of the persecuted, deported and massacred relatives, loved ones, compatriots.

Respecting human dignity, the names and most relevant personal data, faces and stories of victims are preserved.

Establishing the identity of the more than half million Hungarian victims requires enduring and persistent research efforts. Since its opening on April 15 2004, the Holocaust Mamorial Center informs regularly on the achievements of these activities on its homepage.

An eight-meter high glass wall that ecircles the Center’s inner court serves as a Memorial Wall for the victims of Holocaust in Hungary. Names are carved by special laser technic onto the surface of the wall.

As the research to establish the names of the victims has started after long delays, it will be impossible to identify all the names. Therefore, by placing empty nametags beside the confirmed names, the unknown victims are also remembered.

Visitors of the Holocaust Memorial Center may search for their relatives in the digital database of the victims. Upon request, they receive a commemorative card indicating the location of the particular name on the Memorial Wall. Inquiries about identified victims may be done by contacting the Names of Victims department at  

The research requires the support of the survivors, relatives of the victims and all those, who may provide information on the deported. We call on everyone, who may provide data to fill in the form of the victims and return it to our institution. This would provide a significant contribution to preserving the memory of the perished. This form can be downloaded also from Identified Victims menue.

At the same location, specific lists of communities and camps can also be browsed.

Memorial sites of the Holocaust can be looked up on our special map, and a short summary on the memorial days are also available.

In the Photo Album section, remaining photos of identified victims are displayed.

The Photo Album commemorates those identified victims, whose photos are included into the collection of the Memorial Center.