Society of Just People Board formed

To uphold the memory of people who took part in rescuing Jewish lives during the Shoah, the Holocaust Memorial Center has formed the Society of Just People. At its first session, the Board has elected as its chair Dr. Péter Deme, cultural mediator. Members of the Board are: Professor Géza Buzinkay, Pál Golopencza, son of rescuer Jenő Golopencza, Sándor Görög, chemist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, Szilveszter Siklósi, film director, acting head of the Raoul Wallenberg Association, and Ilona Török television director.

Among its core tasks, the Board considers that informing about rescue activities and social responsibility, as well as improving the nation-wide acceptance of the Holocaust Memorial Center are the most important ones. In these aims, the Board has received the endorsement of Dr. József Schweitzer, retired Chief Rabbi. At the meeting, the Board has decided about establishing a new certificate of merit for those Hungarian citizens, or their descendents, who rescued their Jewish compatriots during WWII.  

The 100th anniversary of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg provides a worthy opportunity for bestowing the new Hungarian recognition for rescuing. The Memorial Center is looking forward to receiving initiatives and suggestions of candidates for the certificate. The candidates will be recommended to the Board by Dr. Szabolcs Szita, acting director of the Center.

It is planned to hand out ten certificate of merits annually, to persons, or their descendents, for whom it has been established beyond any doubt that have saved Jewish lives during the Second World War. The first certificates will be bestowed at the Day of Humanity celebration at the Holocaust Memorial Center on August 3 2012, at 10 a.m.