“Examples of Humanity” – Exhibition on Metro Trains

21 Jun

Posters of rescuers are displayed in the frames of the Metro Gallery on metro trains of Budapest in June and July, as one of the key programs of the Wallenberg Year. Passengers of lines 2 and 3 encounter the photos of more than 30 brave individuals, with explanatory notes and information on key historic sites of the Holocaust in Hungary.

The exhibition and the accompanying brochure published in 30,000 copies were sponsored by the Hungarian Ministries of Public Administration and Justice, and of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Jewish Heritage of Hungary Public Foundation. Expertise had been provided by the Holocaust Memorial Center, while the Carl Lutz Foundation and other associations offered items of their collections. 

The key message of the opening ceremony on 31 May was the hope that the exhibition in this form will bring the message and the example of rescuers, many of them ordinary people, to the wider Hungarian public. The actuality and importance of courageous resistance was emphasized in the opening addresses of Bence Rétvári, Secretary of State of Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Ferenc Orosz, Chair of the Wallenberg Association, and Andrea Deák, Acting Secretary of the Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association.

Closing remarks of one of the initiators of the exhibition, Chairman of the Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association, Péter Kirschner also shared the same message: “No courage is needed to paint swastikas on Roma houses or Jewish tombstones or to desecrate Wallenberg’s statue. Courage is needed to stop these vandalisms.”

At the ceremony, Bori Magyar, accompanied Dániel Kardos on guitar, performed Hungarian and Jewish songs.