Spectacular City – The artistic speculum of Jewish Central Europe

19 Jan

The Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest cordially invites you to the opening ceremony of the temporary exhibition:
Spectacular City – The artistic speculum of Jewish Central Europe.


Location: Budapest, Páva utca 39. – gallery of the synagogue
Date: 29 January 2023 at 17 p.m.

If you wish to participate, please fill in the Google form by 27 January 2023:

Our new temporary exhibition “Spectacular City – The artistic speculum of Jewish Central Europe” brings the light of the city to the balcony of the synagogue, while providing an artistic interpretation of Jewish tradition and Central-European urban identity, through the visions of renowned contemporary artists. Géza Kulcsár, the curator summarizes the experience as “a narrative of our encounters with the traumas and splendors of history on the one hand, and the experience of the Central-European metropolis with its familiar everyday forms and its spatial estrangement on the other.”

Exhibiting artists: Zsolt Asztalos, Balázs Csizik, Andreas Fogarasi, Áron Zsolt Majoros, Éva Mayer, Katja Pratschke and Gusztáv Hámos, Hajnal Szolga, Márton Závorszky-Simon
Curator: Géza Kulcsár

Opening remarks: Dr. András Zima, director of the Holocaust Memorial Center
Speech by: Péter Hoppál, State Secretary for Culture Ministry of Culture and Innovation
The exhibition will be opened by: Lóránt Bódi, social historian


Név Méret