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21 Jun

“Stories from a Family Album” is the Hungarian adaptation of a Centropa moving exhibition that has already been displayed in 11 countries. The archive photos and interviews are grouped in eight themes and show the daily life of Jews in the Carpathian basin in the first half of the past century.


Images of workers, teachers, nurses, faces of ordinary people that can easily be our neighbors are on the panels. One may encounter fascinating stories about childhood, school years, love, marriage, childbirth, and about surviving the Holocaust, restarting life from scratches. Memories overwhelm the viewer leafing through the album; stories sad or happy, heartwarming or distressing unfold in front of the eyes of the visitors.


One of the features of Centropa exhibitions is the approach to the topics through personal stories and destinies. The exhibition is supplemented by several pedagogical and methodological materials prepared by practicing teachers and educators. At visiting the exhibition at the Holocaust Memorial Center, professional guide, peer guide for students and interactive activity by Haver Foundation are available.


Centropa is a Vienna and Budapest-based non-profit NGO that uses advanced technologies to preserve Jewish heritage in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Balkans and the Baltics, and then uses those same technologies to disseminate the findings in creative and innovative ways. It aims at providing new insights in Holocaust education by using its collection of 22,000 digitalized photos and 1300 interviews. It has 11 moving exhibitions circulating worldwide, displayed at educational institutions and museums. All the exhibitions are grouped around eight topics: school, work, leisure, holidays, military, religious life, portraits and the Holocaust.



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