At the Holocaust Memorial Center the only public collection in Hungary is stored that deals exclusively with collecting, researching and presenting documents, other materials and objects from the period of the Shoah.

The seed material for the collection had been provided by the Hungarian Auschwitz Foundation, established by private persons in 1990. Since the founding of the Holocaust Memorial Center in 2004, the collection has been enriched by further donations and occasional purchases. Following our Calls for Preservation that are issued annually, the collection has been enriched by valuable items, saved for the posterity.

Our curators look forward to the visit of researchers and students who have interest for this historical period. Some 20 meters on shelves of documentation and articles, as well as a library with some 7,000 volumes is available to serve their curiosity.


Visiting the collection and registering the names of the victims is possible in person by prior appointment.

Appointments can be made by e-mail at for the collection and for the names of the victims.



Monday: closed
Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 16:00
Saturday – Sunday: closed


According to the founding chart of the institution, historical sources on ethnical, racial and political persecution during the period of the Shoah, before and during the Second World War (Forced labor service, ghetto, deportations, despoilment and other crimes) represent the area for collecting items and documents.


During the previous six years, more than 800 individuals have contacted our institution by mail, phone or in person, offering to donate carefully collected documents and memorabilia of their own or of their deceased relatives. Donors are not just from the Hungarian capital or other parts of the country, important items have been donated to the Center from abroad as well.


Items of our collection are stored in modern compact storages, in acid-free containers in a conditioned surrounding. Already some hundred containers of items are collected. Currently, some 40 percent of the collected material has been processed. We plan to digitalize the items and make them available for the public through the internet.


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