The Holocaust: Annihilation, Liberation, Rescue

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  • The Holocaust: Annihilation, Liberation, Rescue
07 febr

In 2020, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the emblematic extermination camp of the Nazi Germany, a unique symbol of cruelty and inhumanity is observed.  

At this occasion, the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest stages a chamber exhibition jointly with the Russian Holocaust Research and Education Center and the Russian Jewish Congress. The core of the exhibit had been prepared by the Russian partner, displaying the persecution of the Soviet Jews on the occupied territories and those efforts that eventually led to the liberation of the few survivors. The central theme of the exhibition is the liberation of Auschwitz, presenting not just the story of the military operation, but also the efforts of the Red Army Medical Corps in saving the lives of the some 7,000 extremely exhausted and weak survivors. In this undertaking, the experiences gained during the previous military operations and in particular the lessons learned at the long-lasting siege of Leningrad were of crucial importance. This core part of the exhibition has already been presented to the public of several European countries, from the United Kingdom through Belgium to Germany.

The Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest has complemented the exhibition with panels presenting part of the history of the Holocaust in Hungary, culminating in deportation of some 430,000 Jewish citizens to Auschwitz, as well as with displaying items and artefacts linked to Auschwitz that are preserved in the collection of the Center.